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I am a traveller on my way Home, passing through this little land. It's a lovely place, though nothing compared to where I'm heading, I was told. I have journeyed through several valleys. Not the kindest place I must say. But hey, I've had some "mountain top" experiences too. They made me long for Home. I heard there are no valleys at Home. I have met some fellow travellers along the way. But mostly find myself among locals. If you're local, please bear with my quirkiness. I know my accent and ways are puzzling sometimes. If you're a fellow traveller, keep going. We should be reaching soon. Bon voyage!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My New Canon

Canon Test 2
Originally uploaded by allysa.

After an agonizing 2 weeks of research, I've finally replaced my dead Minolta Dimage X20 with a Canon PowerShot A510!



Blogger mile said...

nice shot! love your new canon! keep it up.

7:32 PM  

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