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I am a traveller on my way Home, passing through this little land. It's a lovely place, though nothing compared to where I'm heading, I was told. I have journeyed through several valleys. Not the kindest place I must say. But hey, I've had some "mountain top" experiences too. They made me long for Home. I heard there are no valleys at Home. I have met some fellow travellers along the way. But mostly find myself among locals. If you're local, please bear with my quirkiness. I know my accent and ways are puzzling sometimes. If you're a fellow traveller, keep going. We should be reaching soon. Bon voyage!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Largeness of God and the Smallness of Man

"I will wonder about you, always, when I journey to these vast places. I will wonder about the names we have given you, and the maps and roads we say lead to you, and the times we boldly claim that we stand in your presence. I will wonder about these things and be a little afraid. I know that you are very big. And it feels good to know it."


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