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I am a traveller on my way Home, passing through this little land. It's a lovely place, though nothing compared to where I'm heading, I was told. I have journeyed through several valleys. Not the kindest place I must say. But hey, I've had some "mountain top" experiences too. They made me long for Home. I heard there are no valleys at Home. I have met some fellow travellers along the way. But mostly find myself among locals. If you're local, please bear with my quirkiness. I know my accent and ways are puzzling sometimes. If you're a fellow traveller, keep going. We should be reaching soon. Bon voyage!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


As I reflect on the past week, only one thing comes to my mind - LOSS.

Just yesterday, a co-worker called up the office to ask for prayer support from a few of us. Her father was in critical condition. I heard from her today that he had lapsed into a coma and even if he pulls through, the chances of him coming out of the coma is very narrow. Doctors told her the same thing they told my friend who just lost her mother a day earlier- prepare for the worst.

And then there are those Lebanese children - blown to pieces for no fault of their own. We can't begin to imagine the anguish of their parents. And all those other people who lost their spouses, friends, home, even their faith.

The more we try to comprehend the deeper we sink into our valley of darkness, enveloped by our grief andf the injustice of it all.

Father, you promised there will come a time when every tear will be wiped away and there will be great rejoicing and reunion. I know even now you are crying with us....for every child, every parent, every spouse, every friend. Surround and sustain us in this difficult times, Lord. We need you because we can't do this alone. Help us see the hope you've planted in our hearts when all we see around us is great darkness. Thank you for walking alongside us.

Homesick by Mercyme



Anonymous DC said...

these things happen in life.... try not to grow too attached to the sadness and negativity of life...
coming from the most unlikely person....well... we'll all hope for the best, but still... most times, we have to be prepared for the worse? but cross fingers and hope all works well? :-)

3:44 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm homesick too. :)

11:33 PM  

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